Casket Sprays


Pink and Mauve Casket Spray

A stunning casket spray in beautiful pinks, Lilacs and blues. Roses, Hydrangea, Lilies and Carnations with luscious green foliage.

Price:   £350.00 (Including: VAT at 20%)






WhitecasketBarWhite Casket Bar

An elegant casket spray floral bar of white Roses, Hydrangea and green Viburnum with a flourish of Lily Grass.

Price:   £195.00 (Including: VAT at 20%)






BasedCrossBased Cross

A classic white Chrysanthemum based cross with a ribbon edge finished with a spray of red Roses and foliage.

6′ Pictured.

Available in two sizes:
3′ (36inch): £95.00 (Including: VAT at 20%)
6′ (72inch): £180.00 (Including: VAT at 20%)




RedDoubleEndedSprayRed Double Ended Spray

A classic red double ended spray.

Featuring red Roses, Gerbera, Carnations and Cordyline with a flourish of pink Roses.

Price:   £75.00 (Including: VAT at 20%)





vibrantsinglendedsprayExotic Spray

A vibrant single ended spray comprising of mauve Calla Lilies, purple Aconitum, Liatris and Chrysanthemum, orange Germini and Carnations with green Anthurium and Chrysanthemums.

Variegated lime Dracaena, black Cordyline and Aralia leaves complete the design.

Price:   £85.00 (Including: VAT at 20%)




WhitesingleendedSprayWhite Single Ended Spray

A classic single ended spray of white Roses, Lilies, Eustoma and Gladioli with dark green foliage.

Price:   £45.00 (Including: VAT at 20%)






orangeSingleEndedSprayOrange Single Ended Spray

A beautiful orange and peach single ended spray.

Roses, Chrysanthemums, Carnations and bronze Hypericum sit perfectly alongside variegated red and lime Dracaena, Aralia leaves, Cocculus, Salal and Cherry Blossom.

Price:   £39.95 (Including: VAT at 20%)





PinkandPurplePink and Purple Sheaf

A gorgeous pink Rose and Lily hand tied sheaf with lavender Lisianthus, purple Aconitum and pink Carnations set against Aspidistra and Galax leaves.

Price:   £39.95 (Including: VAT at 20%)





sixrosesheafSix Rose Sheaf

A classic and elegant sheaf of roses and foliage tied with a ribbon.
(Other colours available.)

Price:   £30.00 (Including: VAT at 20%)







ClassicWreathClassic Wreath

A classic white Chrysanthemum based wreath with a pink Rose and Genista spray.

Price:   £75.00 (Including: VAT at 20%)






WhiteWreathWhite Wreath

A beautiful white Rose and Jasmine wreath with a generous mix of foliage.

Price:   £75.00 (Including: VAT at 20%)






VibrantWreathVibrant Wreath

A gloriously vibrant wreath. Cerise and orange Roses and Carnations with orange Germini, purple Anconitum and green spray Chyrsanthemums on a sumptuous green foliage base.

Price:  From £49.99 (Including: VAT at 20%)





PurpleandwhitewreathPurple and White Wreath

Open round wreath with natural foliage edge including Iris, Roses, Chrysanthemums and foliage.

From £35.00 for other options please call.

Price:   £35.00 (Including: VAT at 20%)





PinkWreathPink wreath

A pretty pink wreath featuring Roses, Germini and Carnations with lilac Lisianthus and mix of luscious green foliage.

Price: From £39.95 (Including: VAT at 20%)

Larger sizes available.






PinkandwhitePosyPink and White Posy

A delicately fragrant pink and white posy pad featuring pink and white Roses and white Freesias.

Available in two sizes:
Standard: £39.95 (Including: VAT at 20%)
Luxury: £49.95 (Including: VAT at 20%)





RedAndWhitePosyRed and White Posy

A white Chrysanthemum based posy pad with a spray of red Roses, Hypericum and Amaranthus, neatly finished with red ribbon trim.

Available in two sizes:
Standard: £65.00 (Including: VAT at 20%)
Luxury: £85.00 (Including: VAT at 20%)





YellowPosyYellow Posy

A foliage edged posy arrangement including Roses, Fragrant Freesias, Carnations and foliage.

Available in two sizes:
Standard: £39.95 (Including: VAT at 20%)
Luxury: £49.95 (Including: VAT at 20%)





Hearts & Pillows

whiteroseheartWhite Rose Heart

A classic white Rose heart with Carnations and cream Lisianthus.

Price:   £95.00 (Including: VAT at 20%)







TraditionalwhiteheartTraditional White Heart

Classic white Chrysanthemum based heart shaped tribute with Roses, Freesia & Hypericum and foliage edge.

Price:   £95.00 (Including: VAT at 20%)






ClassicCushionClassic Cushion

A classic white Chrysanthemum based cushion design with foliage edge, decorated with a spray which includes Roses, Freesias & Chrysanthemums with complementary foliage.

Price:   £95.00 (Including: VAT at 20%)






GreenandwhitepillowGreen and White Pillow

A stunning textured pillow design in shades of green and white,
featuring Roses, Cymbidium Orchids, Chrysanthemums and Hydrangea with a variety of sumptuous green foliage.

Price:   £120.00 (Including: VAT at 20%)





TraditionalPillowTraditional Pillow

A classic white Chrysanthemum based pillow with ribbon edge. Featuring Roses, Carnations, Hypericum and complementary foliage.

Price:   £95.00 (Including: VAT at 20%)